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Grey Cardigan Knit, Knee Hole Jegging and Layering Tip

This was a random day my husband and I spontaneously decided to go for an ice cream trip and sit outside even though it was not warm nor sunny out. We had such a good time just chatting and enjoying our ice creams!

In this outfit, I am wearing a grey, short-sleeve cardigan knit layered over a plain, v-neck, long sleeve shirt with my new knee hole jegging. I really love layering different cardigans over any thin shirts on days that necessarily don’t need a jacket or a coat. Layering cardigan over any fitted shirt gives more dimension when you wear a short-sleeve cardigan or if you don’t own one, you can take any long-sleeve cardigan and slightly fold up the sleeves to show the layering effect. I really like to layer a cardigan instead of wearing a coat for couple reasons: I love the lightweight, comfort feel of a cardigan versus a heavy, bulky coat or a constricted, structured jacket and I also adore the way it looks… it instantly gives it that casual, laid-back, effortless, chic vibe.  The layered look is perfect for Spring days here in the New York City area and I probably will do a lot of layering of various cardigans. (And you’ll see them!)

I added heels to dress up my outfit and mirrored sunglasses to brighten up my look. I carried my classic Gucci tote bag and kept this outfit in neutral colors to create a cohesive look. It is important to keep the colors all neutral when you are layering because if not, it can look messy.

Lena’s X Factor: Knee Hole Jegging

If it is not for the knee hole jegging, this look would not stand out nor have any sort of edge in this outfit. Just imagine this outfit without the knee hole ripped jegging… it would look plain and have no pop of chic! It doesn’t have to be knee hole like this one, but make sure you wear a pretty good distressed jegging!

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