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11 Things I Learned from 11 Years of Marriage and My Anniversary Dinner Outfit

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary! Time sure flies! I truly feel this is my biggest accomplishment in my life. I am so proud. My husband and I will celebrate and go out to a nice dinner tonight. I will wear all black but keep it romantic with an off-the-shoulder top. You can get my outfit details below.11th wedding anniversary is so underrated because it is right after the big 10! In actuality, 11 is bigger and better than 10. So in honor of celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary today, I’m sharing 11 things I learned from 11 years of marriage.

1) Spend time with Jesus together as a trio. Danny and I decided to read the Bible and pray together every night on day 1 of our wedding day and it has continued into our 11th year. Of course there are days when we skip it due to various reasons such as when Danny is away for business trips, when there is something scheduled, when we get into a fight (although sometimes we still do bible study mad at each other), or when we are simply too tired. What I have learned is how important this daily routine of reading couple of verses and holding hands and praying together is for us. When we do skip it that night, I notice a difference and that difference is not good.

2) Sleep on it. I’m sure you have heard that you shouldn’t go to bed angry at each other and have to make up a fight before going to bed. I disagree. Sometimes that’s just not realistic because let’s say you get into an argument late at night but the argument is just not possible to end in 15 minutes. Or sometimes, arguments ensue into something bigger than it is from both of you being just plain tired from trying to talk it out. Or sometimes, you just need sleep and the fight is stupid. I have learned this the hard way but it’s okay…go to sleep. You’ll be surprised, more often than not, you wake up feeling refreshed with a clearer head, a forgiving heart and not even remembering exactly what the fight was about.

3) Never stop flirting. Remember those days when you actually flirted with your spouse? I hope it was yesterday. Don’t stop those flirts. Laugh, tease, be playful with one another!

4) Let things go (and let God). Pick your battles. I’m sure you have heard of this, but this one needs constant reminding. If you place it in a big picture, is it still a big deal? No? Then let it go. Don’t even bring it up. If you really need to, bring it up to God instead.

5) Choose to become the “good” couple. Two people are literally becoming into one person more and more everyday. When you live together for long, traits and habits are naturally learned from each other subconsciously. All people have good and bad traits in their personality and so with that in mind, you might as well go toward the good and become both the good couple than a bad one. Strive to become the good couple by picking out only the good traits and habits from each other.

6) Never stop going out on dates. After being married for awhile, you forget to spend quality time together and the only time together is when you’re running errands. Even though Danny and I don’t have kids, we still can get caught up hanging out with friends and family a lot and and while that’s great, don’t forget to set aside some quality time for just the two of you. Danny and I constantly try to make plans of things to do or places to go where we both enjoy. We go out on dates. It could be simple as a nice dinner out or a full day trip! Be creative!

7) Put your phone down (as much as possible). This has become one of the hardest especially since I have become a blogger and Danny loves to read on his phone. But, this is one of the most vital for obvious reasons. When you put your phone down when you are together, you are fully present in each other and get to take full advantage of the little time you have together in this busy life.

8) Have at least one sit-down meal together daily. You’ll be surprised to find out it may be the only time to have a real conversation with one another and a great time to catch up on each other’s day.

9) Focus on the good. Especially when you are in an argument, remember that one good thing about your spouse and focus on that.

10) Use your manners. Still use words like “thank you”, “please”, and “you’re welcome” to each other. Those short words go a long way.

11) Create special moments and talk about them. Constantly create special, warm and fun memories together and reminisce about it together by talking about it to each other. It could be a silly moment when you tripped at the parking lot last week to a fun tropical vacation from a month ago. Danny and I often talk about our random memories we created together and reminisce about that joyful moment. It brings laughs, smiles, joy (sometimes tears) every time. Create happy memories, talk about it and reminisce together, and repeat.

Lena’s X Factor: Off-The-Shoulder Top

The top definitely makes this outfit pop with chicness. It really makes the whole outfit stand out so stylishly and makes it so dramatic!

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  1. JJ
    JJ September 7, 2017

    Happy Anniversary to u both Lena!!! I love this. It is exactly what me and my husband did and still does from day one. I totally agree with everything you said here. Thanks for sharing and may God continue to bless your love your marriage and both of you. Cheers!

    • Lenaxstyle
      Lenaxstyle September 9, 2017

      Awww…thank you JJ for your sweetness as always!!! God bless you and your love as well! Love you lots!

  2. Carol Steinbeck
    Carol Steinbeck September 9, 2017

    In love with this outfit!!!!! And it’s a perfect Anniversary dinner outfit! Loved reading your blog Lena! I took some notes for my future husband!!! 😘

  3. Lauren C.
    Lauren C. October 6, 2017

    Wow! You look like a baby for someone who’s married 11 years!!! Happy 11th anniversary! Thank you for all the great advice. ….I really enjoyed reading it. Very wise words and beautifully said. ❤

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