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Casual Cardigan Outfit and Marsquest Sunglasses

My favorite thing about fall (besides pumpkin spice latte!) is being able to enjoy sunny, crispy, brisk weather with casual, cozy cardigans and gorgeous sunglasses like this one from Fall is all about throwing on cardigans unto any outfits with a good pair of sunglasses and I found both in fabulous styles!I found a really good cardigan from H&M that has the right fabric and weight. I really like the ribbed texture of it so I had to get it in both black and grey! It is perfectly over-sized and has a drop sleeve style that I adore for cardigans. In this outfit, I wore the black one with satin silver-grey camisole from Express. I wore knee-hole jegging with a silver skinny belt and passed on the heels for sequin slip-ons to make this outfit more effortlessly casual. I carried my bucket bag and last but not least, I wore this fabulous mirrored sunglasses from of you know how obsessed I am with sunglasses and I’m always on the hunt for chic styles to add to my collection! Recently, I was on the hunt for fall sunglasses. Did you know that even sunglasses need to accommodate for changing seasons? For example, I wouldn’t wear my bright neon yellow mirrored sunnies for fall. I would reserve that for summer and spring. This deep purple mirrored lens and matte black framed sunglasses is such a gorgeous fall addition. It complimented so well in this casual cardigan outfit.The deep purple color lens is so unique, sophisticated and is polarized. It is bold, stylish and is high quality but really affordable! It is really well made and surprisingly extremely comfortable. I also got blue sunglasses from and love that too! They are different styles but each of them is equally stylish and I absolutely love their craftsmanship. The best part? They are unisex so it is really versatile. My husband tried on the blue one and suited him so well that he wanted to steal it from me! (I’ll let him borrow!) You can see all of their sunglasses here.Lena’s X Factor: Sunglasses

The Marsquest aviator sunglasses really pops against this casual outfit. It really makes the whole outfit effortlessly chic and adds that extra depth and that’s why it takes the X!Click here or below: H&M Cardigan | Express Camisole | American Eagle Outfitters Jegging (similar) | Boutique Shoes (similar) or another | Marsquest Sunglasses | Halogen Belt (similar) | Boutique Bag (similar) | Boutique Earring (similar)

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  1. Stephanie W.
    Stephanie W. October 23, 2017

    That purple aviator is amazing! I will check it out. Love the cardigan also and the whole outfit. Love the pictures, Lena! -Stephanie

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