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Great New Items for Fall

I added great new items for fall. One of them is this rich emerald green “teddy bear” textured fluffy cardigan coat that really adds some pop of color to my fall wardrobe! It is absolutely comfy, cozy and warm and really surprisingly FLUFFY! I really adore the color; it is a perfect deep shade of green and is such a sophisticated color and not too “out there”.  It’s such a perfect gem!
I wore this cardigan coat unto another great find which is a surprisingly warm but trendy black cropped sweater from Topshop. The sweater has a really soft knit with some really cute cut-out ribbon sleeve detail. The small pretty detail adds a little something to this classy simple sweater. I could tell I’m going to wear the heck out of this one!

I wore it with ripped patched jeans I recently scored that is literally my favorite pair of jeans of the moment! You know how much I love ripped jeans but it is a problem to wear it when it is freezing out, but this pair fixes that! It has the right amount of knee rips but it is actually patched underneath with the same denim so it keeps you warm because it doesn’t have any actual holes. It is perfect for this time of the year. It looks so chic and fits so well. I bought it last week but I already wore it so many times! It is a total must-have for this coming winter!
What do you think my X Factor is in this outfit? It is really obvious!Lena’s X Factor: Fluffy Cardigan Coat

The cardigan coat really adds that extra pop of chic to this otherwise simple outfit! The color and style of this cardigan coat really is a fashion statement. There is definitely no doubt the green fluffy cardigan takes the X!!

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