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6 Simple Pieces You Need to Add X Factor to Your Outfits

I always add a certain X Factor to all my outfits, because I want to make sure all my outfits pop with extra style and edge. You know how much I talk about my X Factors in almost all of my posts, so I know you are by now well informed what that is. However, if you are new to my blog or need refreshing, here is a quick explanation. But how do you do it? Is there a certain piece that can instantly add Lena’s X Factor to the outfits? The answer is yes and no.

Every outfit is unique so every X Factor is different according to that outfit. My X Factor is not a fixed item of clothing or accessory so no specific piece can actually define a X Factor. However, certain pieces can end up repeatedly becoming the X Factor due to that chic style that piece brings to a lot of the outfits. It can simply be added to a lot of the outfits and have that X Factor. So here I will list 6 simple pieces that you need that you can easily add to a lot of your outfits and instantly have my X Factor.

  1. Large Gold Hoop Earrings: I find myself reaching for my hoops whenever I want to add that playful edge to a simple outfit or to spice up my loose braided hair.
  2. Black Crystal Stud Earrings: I wear this whenever my outfit needs more darker edge and to tone down a feminine outfit or color.
  3. Good Ripped Jegging: I wear this almost always, but certainly wear it when I need to add that cool effortless edge to an otherwise plain outfit.
  4. Large Statement Mirrored Sunglasses: I wear this whenever I need my outfit to pop, pop, pop.
  5. Gold Dainty Choker: I wear it a lot to add interest to my plain outfit or wear it layered with other necklaces.
  6. Solid Gold Dainty Set of Rings: I wear these almost everyday to add dainty, but cool vibe to my style. Tip: It’s important to get it in all solid gold, because you wash your hands all the time and will tarnish if it’s not. It is well worth the investment!

Pieces I highly recommend:

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