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Jeans Guide: A Good Pair and Where to Find Them

American Eagle Outfitters high-rise jegging worn here
American Eagle Outfitters low-rise jegging worn here
American Eagle Outfitters Tomgirl Jeans worn here

I’m not a dress queen but I am certainly a denim queen for sure! I just absolutely love a good pair of jeans and wear them almost everyday. I’m especially obsessed with a good pair of perfectly ripped jeans. I think I have about 200 pair of jeans in my closet! My favorite style has got to be jeggings! And for those who are not familiar, jegging is simply just jeans that fit just like leggings. I tried on so many brands of jeans to search for my body type and my style, and I came up with two top brands I am in love with when it comes to shopping for my jeans. But before I even get there, let’s discuss: what makes it a good pair of jeans?

A good pair of jeans has three F components.

  1. Fit: Everyone has different body types and it is important to find a pair of jeans that fits well on you. Just because one pair of jeans fits that person perfectly doesn’t mean it’ll do the same for you. You need to first know your body type (mine is bottom-heavy pear) and find a pair of jeans that really brings out the best, most flattering part of your bottom-half! A good pair of jeans should fit you like a glove, whether it be a tight jegging or loose boyfriend jeans, it should still fit like a glove. And so what I mean by that is a good pair of jeans should fit perfectly sexy in all the right places and at the same time, it should be comfy and should move along with you!
  2. Fabric: A good pair of jeans should not bag out at all. I repeat. A good pair of jeans should not bag out at all no matter what. It should not bag out around your knees nor should it bag out on your butt (especially!) like we often witness (yikes!). I once used to think you need to wash your jeans and put them in the dryer to get them back into its shape! Wrong! Fabric used on a good pair of jeans should have a good amount of stretch and be able to snap back and retain its shape, always. Fabric used in a pair is what’s important and I find that about 2% elastane is optimal as one of the fabrics used in the combination.
  3. Fade: A good pair of jeans should have the right color shades of fade to bring out all the best feature on your bottom-half and ultimately flatter you. The color should be perfectly faded in specific places (e.g., butt!). If there are rips in the jeans, it should also be placed perfectly and tastefully. The right fade can make even the most cheap jeans look very expensive! I have tried on a pair of jeans with the perfect fit and fabric but had terrible fading and misplaced rips that ruined it all completely! Fade is just as equally as important in a good pair of jeans as the fit and fabric!

Now that we covered the three Fs of what defines as a good pair of jeans, I’m sure you’re thinking um…, Lena, so where do I find them?! Guess what? I found only a handful of brands that carries all the 3 Fs in their jeans. And I tried sooo many jeans in sooo many brands! The top 2 brands that I highly recommend are:

  1. American Eagle Outfitters
  2. Guess
Guess Curve X jegging worn here
American Eagle Outfitters mid-rise worn here
Newest American Eagle Outfitters super high-rise jegging worn here

All of the jeans that American Eagle Outfitters and Guess carry have all the three Fs and easily beats out all the other brands (even the most expensive, pricey, high-end ones!). All of the jeans that I own in my closet are mostly from those two brands. I even buy them online without trying them on knowing that it’ll have all the 3Fs and almost all the time, I love every single one of them! First I suggest, try it out in those stores and find out your exact size. After that you’ll know what size you are in those brands and you can even buy it online after that. Chances are, you will absolutely love them as much as I do!

Here are some of my favorite jeans from both of the brands:

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