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Top 7 Spring Trends 2018

Wearing OTS Top and Super-High Rise Jegging

Spring is now right around the corner! Can you believe it? I think the weather is already warming up and I already feel the spring air. You can get a head start and stay ahead and read what will be the top spring trends. I am sharing a list of my top 7 upcoming spring trends for 2018 that also works with my personal style. (I already bought all of the trends listed below!) I also listed a recommendation of different pieces you can choose from and buy (get it before it’s sold out!):

1. Airy Pastel Sneaker– Airy, lightweight fabric, casual, walking sneakers will be in full trend this upcoming season! It will be in all pastel colors and will be perfect to wear it with any outfits this spring! So comfy and chic all at the same time!

2. 90’s Fitted Cropped Top– 90’s vibe is still in full swing and it will also still be trendy in spring as well! I grew up in the 90’s so I’m really loving this nostalgic trend. A lot of the trendy tops will come mostly cropped with fitted silhouette and styled sporty-casual.

Wearing Bodysuit

3. Bodysuits– Bodysuits will continue to be trendy for spring. It has already been trendy, but you will see it literally all over! Bodysuits have mostly thin fabric so it’ll be perfect for spring weather. It’ll be in form of all different colors and styles that you can wear with shorts or jeans! (And yes, anyone can pull off bodysuits if worn with high-rise jeans!)

Wearing Polka Dot Top and Super High-Rise Jegging

4. Polka Dots– Polka dots will be the new floral this spring, especially the black and white ones, but you’ll see it in many different color combos too! It’ll be the new it print for spring. It’ll give that playful vibe and instantly pop in your outfits!

5. Purple– This color will be the color for this spring. All range of the color purple will be on trend, especially the muted light purple will be all the rage. It will be really pretty and chic to wear it with a pair of ripped jeans to tone down the femininity.

6. Off-The-Shoulder Top– You can stock up on all different styles of the OTS top: loose, cropped or fitted styles. OTS top will instantly give you that springy laid-back, sexy, but effortless look! You can just throw on an OTS with any jeans, capris or shorts to instantly look stylish and spring-ready!

7. Super High-Rise Jeans– Any style of jeans with a super high-rise will definitely be on trend! It’s a must to own a pair of super high-rise jeans if you don’t already have one. You will need it for all those crop tops and bodysuits and  to look effortlessly trendy for this spring.

Now, who’s counting down for spring? Anyone with me?

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