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Staple Designer Look Bag: Teddy Blake Handbag Review

Full Disclosure StatementI discovered Teddy Blake handbags not long ago but when I came across their site I was instantly smitten! All of their bags are designer look bags and they are absolutely stunning! I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted, but after much thought, I got the Caty Saffiano 12″ bag in Taupe Leather.
I am so, so pleased with this bag. The structured leather is really high quality with matching colored soft suede lining inside, and the silver metal details are all very excellent in quality as well. The stitches and all the little details are made impeccably and it’s made in Italy. It is definitely going to be my new staple bag for this entire spring and summer season, and because of the color and classic style, I see myself wearing this into fall and winter as well. The color is a darker taupe, and goes well with any outfit. The size of it at first felt smaller than my expectations, but when it is unbuckled, it is the perfect size to carry. It also comes with a shoulder strap to attach if you want, and as you can see in the pictures, you can carry it all buckled up and closed or just wear it opened and casual. This bag is a head turner and it really makes any outfit instantly chic! It really is a good buy and I recommend it because this designer look bag will stay stylish and classic for a very long time! Definitely my new staple!

Lena’s X Factor: Handbag

My X Factor is definitely the Teddy Blake bag because it really makes the whole outfit so chic and stand out with that extra oomph! It is no contest! The bag elevates the whole outfit to another level!Exact Pieces I Wore:

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