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Monochrome Spring Look

What is it about a monochrome outfit I am really drawn to? Well, it gives off that chic, instantly put-together look and yet it just pops, but in an understated way! In this case, I went with baby blue as my color for a monochrome spring look.
I wore the very trendy, at the moment, baby blue smocked top with rolled up mom jeans. I also carried a baby blue handbag to match. Of course, I added dainty gold accessories and a black fade sunglasses that really popped against the baby blues. And, I wore a soft purple-taupe block heel sandals to offset this monochrome outfit. The key to a monochrome outfit is to either add an entirely different colored bag or shoes to make it look effortless and chic. It can easily look overdone or even tacky if you wear all the same color without offsetting it with a different colored shoe or a bag. But, remember to wear a color that still matches to look cohesive. In this outfit, it was the soft purple-taupe that matched the baby blues, but it definitely offset the monochrome outfit as well.

What do you think is my X Factor in this outfit?

Lena’s X Factor: Smocked Top

It was a close call between a few things: It could have been the shades or the sandals, but in the end, my X Factor is the smocked top. Imagine if I wore the same colored baby blue top, but let’s say, a tee shirt…Well, it wouldn’t have had the same effect. The smocked top is so trendy right now, and thus it made this outfit pop with extra style with that extra oomph! So the baby blue smocked top takes the X!

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