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Hawaiian Luau

Aloha~! My sister Queena and I hosted a beautiful Hawaiian themed luau party in Long Island, New York on Memorial Day weekend. The party was absolutely stunning and memorable to say the least! Everyone enjoyed all the delicious Hawaii-inspired food, BBQ, music and the pretty flowers! Everyone showed up ready to party and luau-ed all day and night! The weather was rainy and cloudy, but it didn’t matter to us at all because we definitely brought the sunshine!The luau was decorated with lots of flowers, green leaves, grass skirts and pineapples! My sister I made it into a DIY project for over a month of planning. It was a very fun DIY project, and we really got our creative juices on! A lot of the stuff we got was from various stores such as Michael’s, Party City, The Dollar Store and of course, Amazon!

We set up a photo booth area (which was one of the highlights) with lots of props to play and shoot with! We even had a Tiki Bar that we constructed ourselves with just a table and a few things from online, and tada!… I must say it really was the centerpiece of the party! My husband Danny was the bartender and he created endless Mai-Tais, Pina Coladas and Mojitos among other many tropical cocktails all day and night! Food was all about the BBQ as the main course that included filet mignon, ribeyes, burgers, hotdogs, pork and shrimp skewers. We also had so many variety of Hawaii-inspired hors d’oeuvres spread over a large table for everyone to constantly pick on. It included summer rolls, sausage and pineapples, sushi, meatballs, fried rice, salad, lasagna and even Hawaiian pizza slices! The desserts were also endless with cakes and fruit platters, and even a cute, tropical-detailed, homemade jello!And when it came to fashion, of course the girls were all dressed in floral dresses while the guys dressed up in Hawaiian shirts! We gave out leis to everyone in the party to make it even more tropical and colorful!

As for me, I had 3 dresses that I ordered from online and wasn’t sure which one I wanted to wear until the last minute, because I really loved them all! But in the end, I chose a nude dress from Lulus and accented with bright turquoise jewelry and popping blue flowers in my hair! I actually sought my outfit inspiration from Hawaii beaches I used to frequent as a child growing up in Hawaii. Yes! My childhood was in Honolulu, capital of Hawaii in the island of Oahu. Needless to say, I miss it there so much! The clear blue sky of Hawaii and the sandy beaches was my true outfit inspiration: my dress being a sandy nude, I incorporated the bright blues! It really contrasted well against the nude dress and made it pop, pop, pop! Unfortunately, I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures of the dress standing up or any pretty detail shots. But as you can see, the dress was absolutely stunning AND comfy!!! (A must if you are a host!) Last but not least, a special mahalo to my dear beautiful sister, Queena who made it all possible!

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