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My Secret Hack: Layering Necklaces

Hey guys! I’m baaack! It’s been seriously the longest since I published a blog post, because simply, I was just taking some time off enjoying my favorite season, summer! I am really trying to take in every moment, and do all things “summer” to make sure I don’t miss this already short season! I’ve been making short trips to the beach as much as possible, laying poolside, walking around New York City, attending music festivals, fairs, BBQs, and picnics! But, I’m glad many of you are keeping up with me on my Instagram page!

As many of you know, my love for summer is just as strong as my love for laying necklaces! I’m known to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I love all things jewelry, but I especially love to play around with dainty gold necklaces and layer, layer, layer! Many of you express how complicated it can be in layering necklaces, and ask me if there is a certain way to layering necklaces to look “just right”. The answer: there is no “right” way to layering necklaces and in fact, it’s just another creative way to express your own style, and so you can layer however way you’d like! With that said, through the years, I have discovered a no-fail, no-brainer hack to layering necklaces perfectly!

My secret easy hack to layering necklaces is to simply layer it with charms that have similar shape or theme in different chain lengths! Yup! It’s that easy! Crazy, huh? I have found that layering any necklaces, even in different colored metals, BUT in the same theme or shape of pendants or charms is the easiest trick to look just right! See examples below:Layered one gold choker and one necklace with the same theme and shape: stars. Layered two different colored metals (one is a mix of silver, one is gold) in different lengths and different chain styles, but the pendant’s theme is the same: the ultra now-trending coin.Both picture above are different looks; one is bigger and bolder with a rhinestone, the other one is more dainty, but all with the same shape: circle.Layered 4 different necklaces: 1 gold choker and 3 necklaces. Choker has teeny round beads and one of the necklace has round rhinestones, but again, all same shape: circle. You can layer all sorts of ways, but this is one of my easy secret hacks to layering necklaces simply. You can layer it with any similar theme or shape, and play around with it endlessly! I hope this layering hack helps a bit in making your life easier and layering game stronger!!! Hope you’re having an easy and strong summer as well!

Below are some of my favorites that I own and some featured above:

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  1. Fashncurious
    Fashncurious July 25, 2018

    I love your layering style! Beautiful outfits in all!

    • Lenaxstyle
      Lenaxstyle July 25, 2018

      Thank you!!! I’m glad you like it! I appreciate that my friend!

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