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Belt Bag (Fanny Pack) Review

Yup, yes I did, oh yes I did slide myself over onto the belt bag trend, also known as the fanny pack! I like it to call it the belt bag, ok? Haha! But in all seriousness, I know this is trending hard at the moment and it doesn’t matter whatever you want to call it. I have to be honest though, I wasn’t too sure about it. It is sort of how I felt about the white boots during last fall when it was trending, but I was careful at first into jumping right into it since I really wasn’t sure at all how I felt about it. (Well, you now know I’m absolutely in love with my white booties!)

The belt bag was just the same where I had interest, but I wasn’t sure and took me some time to warm up to. I actually still didn’t want to try it until I came across this one spontaneously! I saw this randomly and casually tried it on to see how it looked on me, and guess what? I liked it a lot! I like how it looked effortlessly chic and how comfy it was and I may have found the perfect belt bag for you to dip your toes into if you’re still not sure about this trend!The black belt bag has a simple quilted design, which has an option of flipping the gold chain over unto the front or not. The belt part of the bag itself has a chic gold metallic, white and black detail that I like as well. The belt is completely adjustable just like a regular belt and shouldn’t be of any issue, although I found it to be slightly loose on me even though I adjusted to the shortest length. There is also a surprise element where you can style it THREE other ways!! You can wear it across your chest (which I would never style it that way, but still an option if you’re into that), OR you can take the belt part out completely and carry it as a small clutch bag (which I don’t mind that at all), OR you can just wear it as a normal handbag using the belt part as a strap! The belt bag is of good quality, affordable, perfect size and minimal design with the right amount of details. I think it’ll also be really cute styled with big black or white sweaters for fall. If you’re not sure which first belt bag to try, this one is perfect to start with, and if you already have one, this is a great addition! 

Lena’s X Factor: Belt Bag

The X Factor in this outfit is definitely the belt bag because it really makes this ordinary outfit to another level. It gives it that extra pop but perfectly tastefully!

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