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Boston Getaway: Where to Stay

My husband Danny and I took a 4 day, 3 night getaway to the Boston area. We always try to getaway as much as our time allows, even if it is a quick weekend getaway to a nearby state. This time it was a bit further (a little over 4 hours drive from North Jersey/NYC) and a longer stay, which we looked forward to. We stayed at the Hilton Boston-Woburn hotel which was the absolute perfect choice of hotel to rest in at the end of the day after exploring Boston, and also we were able to fully enjoy the many things this hotel offered!

Hilton Boston-Woburn is located in Woburn, Massachusetts which is an easy 20 minute ride to Downtown, Boston. It is the perfect location that is tucked away from all the bustling downtown area of Boston, but at the same time, there were so many wonderful restaurants, mall and coffee shops conveniently located nearby the hotel. By the way, we highly recommend all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant called Maki Maki which is located right across the hotel!

We also ordered room service one morning for breakfast and was pleasantly surprised at their new concept of delivering all foods in ready-to-go boxes so that nothing goes to waste if you can’t finish. You can simply grab your leftovers to go, and we did exactly that! We loved this new concept of grabbing the leftovers to eat in the midst of our busy planned day of exploring Boston! And not to mention, the food was so delicious and freshly made!The entire hotel was newly renovated, and I was truly impressed with the unique design, and the sheer large size of the first floor. Couple of the unique design that stood out: elevators were architecturally designed with full exposure so that we can see the entire hotel’s view as we ride in it. Another one is the hotel’s large indoor heated pool was surrounded by the hotel’s bar, lounge area and a pool table. It’s modern, clean and trendy look correlated with the young and hip vibe at every corner.Last but not least, Matadora Restaurant located right inside the hotel on the first floor was one of our best experiences ever! They offered Spanish inspired foods and were extremely fresh and delicious. They had many variety of tapas (small dishes), so we were able to try many different dishes! I especially loved their Street Corn and Tuna Tartare! Do not forget to stop by this restaurant when you stay here at the Hilton Boston-Woburn!

Thank you to Hilton Boston-Woburn for hosting our stay and to Matadora-Woburn for the delicious dinner experience!

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