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Staycation in NYC

It’s been a looong time since I got on here, huh! And here I am back writing to you about a staycation. It’s pretty funny and ironic. Well, here is the thing. I try to balance my life in a way that will make me happy, so if there is a time I want to simply take a break from blogging, I will. It took me 3 major surgeries and countless nights at the hospital to get to where I feel it’s okay to rest when it’s needed. Remember though, it wasn’t rest entirely. I am still very much focused and very present on my other channels like Instagram and Facebook, so if you can’t find me here, you can definitely find me there!

My husband and I took a little staycation out into New York City last week to kind of just refresh and spend some quality time with one another. We are simply very blessed living within a 5-minute drive to NYC and we’re able to plan a fabulous staycation in the best city in the world! We did a lot of relaxing, sight-seeing and enjoying all the food this city offers!

We stayed at The Lexington Hotel located in the midtown part of New York City. The hotel was absolutely stunning, rich in history and very accommodating. It exuded elegance and their breakfast buffet was impressive to say the least! Most importantly, the location was absolutely perfect. It was literally in the center of everything and it was a walking distance to our planned activities. We did a lot of spontaneous sight-seeing and eating at random restaurants, but one of the things we actually planned beforehand was to go see Aladdin The Musical on Broadway. Which, by the way, it’s a must-see if you’re visiting, or in the area looking to go to a Broadway show. It was animated, extravagant and the talent was superb and top-notch! I highly recommend!

The Lexington Hotel‘s beautiful bi-level lobby
Delicious breakfast buffet at The Lexington Hotel
Aladdin The Musical in New Amsterdam Theatre

Another activity that was on our planned list was to go enjoy the day at the Winter Village in Bryant Park. It is a special seasonal event that runs from every October to February, and we make sure we go there at least twice a year to eat, shop and see all the fun things from countless shops!

Winter Village Bryant Park
Bryant Park Grill
Beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous view and scrumptious food.
Try their famous cheesecake!
Skating rink in Bryant Park

We had an amazing time as always, but I have to say, this was one of our best times ever in the city! Staycation in NYC is simply the best kind of staycation!

Finished my plate in Obao Resturant
Lovers & Friends

A special thank you to The Lexington Hotel for hosting our stay!

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