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New York City and New Jersey is where I call home with my husband of 11 years despite many places I’ve lived including Hawaii and California. I love the four seasons here especially since I love clothes and I can wear just about anything throughout the year. My passion has always been art and naturally, I apply that to my everyday outfits. I think of clothes as an art form that you can freely and creatively express everyday. After all, we have to wear clothes all the time so why not make it stylish and fun! I also like to include a certain X Factor to all my outfits so that it pops subtly with some chic and edge. You can learn more about my X Factors on each of all my blog posts. Besides my passion for fashion, I love creating food for my hubby aka cooking and interior decorating. My secret hobby is journaling, writing poems and cleaning!!! My not so secret hobby is shopping!

Most of all, I love Jesus with all my heart, mind and soul. He is everything to me!!! I am very thankful to Him for this opportunity and I am excited I can utilize this forum to explore and share my passion of art; fashion and creative writing and beyond, but most importantly, shine His light in little ways…




P.S.  October 2014, I was found to have very large rare tumors in my stomach and they were stuck to all my organs and were life threatening. After 3 major surgeries in 15 months and having to take out organs, it left me in menopause at an early age. On February 1st 2017, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of my last and final surgery. I am slowly learning to accept and embrace my unique circumstances and all the hardships I experienced. I want to live life more abundantly than I have before I was sick and that’s the reason why I started this journey as a blogger on Instagram.  I want to pursue my passion and be free and be bold. I owe it all to Jesus my Savior who saved my life and to Him who gives me courage and strength to empower and inspire others who may have their own stories.

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